#Yoga sucks, but #P90X3 rocks!

I’m thrilled to be one of the 2014 EyeEm Awards finalists, selected from over 100,000 images and now down to just 100!

This potato is dancing to Hoodie Allen all by itself. I only eat the hippest food. #Turnedup

People in Bangkok waiting around for the rain to stop, why you no carry an umbrella though? 😏

Go outside 🚣⛅😗

Awkward GoPro shot on the beach ;)

3 of those, and keep them coming. #Lastnight #Bangkok #Skybar


Hitting the local market to stock up the fridge, #Bangkok style.

On the hunt for the best burger in Bangkok. I think I’ve found the place.

Some Bangkok Adventures production work being put in today.

Thailand is all about the layers. #Bangkok

A sneaky hidden gem in #Bangkok - #Streetart

Slick car outside the condo.